FAQ for the Southlake Sanctuary

  • Where will the Sanctuary be located?
  • How can I get involved?

We have many needs for this project to become a reality.

1. Contact the Southlake City Council and let them know you support this great endeavor. 

2. Make a pledge! This will be funded using both private and public funding so make a pledge to be one of the funding funders for this project.

3. Support Bob Jones Park!  Start promoting this great park to your family and friends and let the mayor and City Council know your opinion.

  • If approved, when might this be built?
    • The process consists of several steps thus at this point it is not possible to predict a construction start date.
  • Who is the architect/designer?
    • This is subject to City approval. We will recommend the same architectural firm that did the 4 we visited.
  • Will there be sponsorship opportunities?
    • Yes, there will be many sponsorship and construction options available